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Two of Them.

There were two of them, we had indulged in some talk at the bar situated not far from the motel and now we staggered back to my room a bottle of whiskey in hand, coke and ice to be supplied by the row of machines outside the motel. The tall one started to flick through TV channels while the small one quietly put away drink after drink, she started getting cosy pushing her head against my shoulder rubbing it against my neck her hand on my leg, and I not sure how this was to end. The tall one finally found a channel that seemed to satisfy her, put the remote down and turned to look at us then edged closer exposing a deep cleavage to my hungry eyes before looking down to see whether she had achieved the desired effect.

‘You like what you see hm’, she purred.

I had to be blind not to and managed to nod feeling the hand of the smaller girl rise up my thigh, this was to be heaven or at least as close as man can ever get to it I thought.

‘They make a great pair’, I told her as I held her gaze.

‘You think?’

I nodded again. She sat up edging even closer, pulled down the halters of her tank top and revealed her left breast before proceeding to do the same on the other side. Suddenly her luscious bust was freed and looked at me from close range, within reach, if I was to stretch my arm some. That’s when the little one stuck her tongue in my ear and squeezed my balls. I reached and felt the firm heavy breast presented to me so generously. Felt the nipple stiffen under the firm grip of my hand and felt her push closer. Nothing was holding us back from going further now.

They were gone when I woke the next morning.

I was gone the morning after.

© Marcus Bastel