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Explaining my Universe

(Logic & Conclusions)

Talking of which is what I do, now I discovered these new and totally interesting theories they, unfortunately that is, aren't and may never be more than just that. Saying that I also have to think about something I wrote a while ago which was basically - well in the end it was a title and may also, even so at this point it is not but it could be a subtitle for the main title. To come to the point what I am talking about is and I put that in quotation marks "Logic & Conclusions". There I was talking about those two which are actually quite similar thinking about it. Anyway conclusions are something final and then logic is something you use to come to a conclusion - mostly. Logic - and influenced by that conclusions as well - are very much influenced by your own personal approach which is totally relative and therefore differs from person to person. So something I would regard as logical may become a total abstract to anyone else. This theory may well be a total abstract. Basically I was thinking about the universe and as you may know scientists have decided to conclude and proof in a theory, which most of all applies the laws known to us on mother earth, that in fact the universe came into existence in a big bang and ever since is expanding. Now there are two questions I have to ask myself  one of which may not even be a question in the classical way but more a matter of not understanding or trying to understand, this is when I look to the sky and somehow know that if I would go straight up I could go up forever. And that forever or infinity is what I can't understand. The other question is, if the universe is still expanding where is it expanding to. Our live is contained in little boxes that is we are a person with a name in a house in a city in a district, country, continent, planet, galaxy and finally universe. Now if the universe were expanding, it would imply that it was expanding into another little box or area. Before, thinking that everything was contained within the universe which even so the universe was a category, in the end became an abstract when contemplating infinity. Yet it was at least a definite name you could give to infinity in order to accept it.

This is where my theory comes in. When I was a young boy I sometimes thought that maybe none of this was really happening, but was merely a book someone was reading. Now when I grew older - that is now, I sometimes have a similar thought just in a more complex way. This may also be an attempt to tackle infinity. Computers sometimes contain a program that enable them to grow information, probably abstract information but nevertheless a never-ending process of growth. That is what happens on this world in the universe which is the universe which contains a computer dreaming up a whole universe. Now the idea or theory which eventually shaped itself inside of me was that we may well be a very complex simulation of growth in an expanding universe which is contained in a computer whose memory capacity is constantly and as technology advances, updated, which enables the universe to expand further. If that were the case this computer which would have grown me, would probably be in some kind of room in a city, country, continent, planet, galaxy and universe which again would be growing inside a computer which would mean that there would be a multiple of universes contained within each other. However the term room in which we are situated may be misleading as the information contained and growing in the computer is probably an abstract which even so we can witness growth we that is a person would be one of the smallest particle existing and would probably remain undetected forever as no one would expect a particle like us to be such a complex being, hence the room which contained us would be something we wouldn't be able to imagine as it embodies infinity. This would also imply that any life form coming from outside our planet or galaxy would have originated in the same big bang we did and in this sense would be a distant relative of us. Going further the big bang would be the moment in which the being controlling the computer hit the return button starting the program and bang the universe had been created. The question for god could be answered by simply saying that he was a computer freak.

© Marcus Bastel