MIchael and Dominic have been printing posters aiding the Extinction Rebellion in London. This was taken in Brixton in a workshop they were able to use for a few weeks.
Michael after demonstrating the how to of printing for the camera.


Portrait of a young woman
Eloise, we shared the bus replacement service, meaning we walked since we had the same destination.


Portrait of Richard Williams, Director of Opera
Richard Williams, Director of Opera


Portrait of Richmond Cloverfield, Performer
Richmond Cloverfield, Performer


Portrait of Katherine Griffiths, Actress
Katherine Griffiths, Actress


Portrait of Christian Küsters, Designer
Christian Küsters, Designer


Tattooed nude
Anna Jacob, Artist


Katy in Devon
Katy in Devon


Joe and friends at home in Alabama, Faces of Mustang
Joe and friends at home in Alabama from Faces of Mustang


Nick Phillips, Screenwriter
Nick Phillips, Screenwriter


Miranda West
Miranda West, Publisher and Founder of The Do Book Company


Arizona Hatter and Buffalo head
The Hatter


Julian Cope
Julian Cope, Writer and Musician